We provide surveillance and security services to suit a wide range of private, corporate and event-based security needs all across Indiana, Kentucky and other states as needed. We can offer executive protection and physical security as well as digital security in the form of surveillance systems and security cameras. Our professional security personnel can supply and install any of our large selection of security cameras, spy cameras, surveillance cameras, listening devices and GPS tracking. In addition, our detectives can also check your home, hotel room, event and meeting venues, or any location you plan to use for business or personal reasons, and remove any unwanted listening devices and hidden cameras.

Our security goes well beyond typical security services, since many of our security staff are also detective investigators. This means they approach security with a sharp eye for detail and knowledge of the many ways in which your security could be compromised. While acting as security guards, our KY SIU detectives can also provide you with recordings of significant meetings, including proof of spoken agreements and evidence of statements or behaviour that can be held as insurance for the future.

For a free quote, or to discuss your security needs with our KY SIU investigators, please call our office today.

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