Kentucky Special Investigative Unit offers many other types of services for our clients such as computer and cellular forensics, missing person searches, preemployment screening, background checks, and more.

Computer and cellular forensics investigations are used in a variety of cases both criminal and civil. Though often considered similar investigations, the two types of devices are different in how they function, the techniques and technologies used to examine them, and the laws surrounding each investigation. KY SIU's trained forensic investigators can use a number of techniques to thoroughly analyze a computer or cell phone to resolve an issue, and it's important to hire an investigator with the right experience.

A background check looks further into a company or person's professional and personal history and character. A KY SIU background check investigator will conduct interviews and find documents that will give you a greater understanding of the person or company you are looking into. There are automated background checks available on the Internet, but the information is often incomplete or inaccurate, and each record whether found through the Internet or another source needs to be verified for validity. A KY SIU Private Investigator can provide detailed and accurate information about a person and ensure that the information is accurate.

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