Assets Protection Division

The goal of the KYSIU Asset Protection Division is to offer corporate loss prevention services to business owners who lack these capabilities on their own. Some of these specialized services include:

  • Employee theft investigations
  • Shoplifting deterrence and external theft investigations
  • Fraud detection
  • Employee back ground checks
  • Customized LP programs to minimize loss / theft / inventory shortage
  • Physical security audits & risk assessments

Employee Theft Investigations

Even just one dishonest individual is capable of doing irreparable damage to a company’s profitability. By utilizing state of the art equipment and investigation techniques, we identify the problem and resolve the matter with urgency and discretion. Our investigators are experts in the art of interview and interrogation—the goal being to not simply “catch the crook”, but to truly resolve the situation. This is done by obtaining evidence, securing a confession, and collecting restitution from the dishonest employee. As a result of this process, many companies are capable of recouping most (if not all) of the damages they incur through negligence or theft.

External Theft Investigations

Of all the things that can cripple business, shoplifting is by far one of the utmost concerns. It is estimated that nearly 40% or more of a business’s overall shrinkage can be attributed to external theft—particularly in the world of retail sales. That is why it is so imperative that businesses have in place, critical loss control programs to minimize theft issues or stop them completely. We battle external theft by implementing a multi tier approach that addresses a business’s specific needs.

Alcohol Regulation & Enforcement / Libation Observation / Undercover Operations

There are various forms of theft in the bar/nightclub industry. In addition to the methods bartenders employ to “skim off the till,” there are numerous other practices such as over-pouring, giving drinks away, etc. that result in millions of lost dollars annually to bar owners nationwide. Employee theft affects all businesses detrimentally, but none so much as the service and libation industry.   Using highly trained bar "spotters" and undercover operatives, we find the problems affecting your business, collect evidence, and resolve the situation quickly and discretely.  Any bar or restaurant serving alcohol has a responsibility...not only to themselves but to the public. Not adhering to state laws and regulations can result in costly fines and even criminal liability for the business owner.

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