Kentucky Special Investigative Unit, Inc.

The oldest and most trusted Private Investigative firm in Kentucky
Licensed to Investigate Statewide in Kentucky and Indiana

Confidential, discrete, and results-driven. We are on call 24-hours a day. Contact us online or by phone at (800) 286-3987 for a free consultation and get results now!

Private investigators at Kentucky Special Investigative Unit (KY SIU), and our supporting group of forensic experts, counterintelligence agents, and legal information specialists consistently get results for all types of clients. Each of these talented private investigators is well-trained, experienced and will work for you in Client Service Groups with specializations in most areas of private investigations. Each of these units are available using our 24-hour rapid response method of approach. These men and women are dedicated and ready to help you. Contact us now and we will deploy a team of highly-credentialed experts to work on your case. Our efficiency and teamwork saves you time and maintains integrity throughout the case process. Many of our agents are multi-lingual and are culturally, nationally, and gender diverse.

Our private investigators will handle your case discreetly and professionally. Your identity, along with what we do on your behalf, is kept absolutely discreet and confidential. In most circumstances, our staff is able to follow your instructions to the letter. All clients can rest assured that confidentiality is paramount here at KY SIU, from the highest profile personalities to executives and government officials.

At KY SIU, we believe we are offering something special. Our track record of consistently getting results for our customers is unparalleled. To engage KY SIU is straightforward, but we cannot do it alone. We need your participation. Engaging KY SIU has some minimum requirements: we need some of your time, we need a clear request and we will require a minimum fee deposit. Once we have these things, we will attempt to seek out every possible option to get you the results of our findings in a timely and accountable manner, with integrity. That's the KY SIU promise.